Jacklyn Yeong

Aspiring journo from Deakin University, contributor for Dscribe.

Malaysia’s Top 10 Foods, as told by a Malaysian

Malaysians are the most passionate and proud when it comes to Malaysian food – and they have every reason to be. Influenced by its multicultural nation, Malaysian cuisine is culturally and historically enriching as well as economically and aesthetically pleasing. o Eating out in Malaysia is considered cheaper than doing groceries and cooking at home. If you are travelling to Malaysia, you could definitely leave the phase “I’m hungry” aside for a little while as food hunting is a favourable acti

An Open Invitation to Testing Grounds

If you have never seen or heard of Testing Grounds, it is not really your fault. The well concealed but not-so-secret space is more likely to be appreciated when accidentally stumbled upon anyway. Neighbouring The Ballet Centre and The Arts Centre, Testing Grounds is a hidden gem within Melbourne’s Arts Precinct offering a space to the Southbank community and budding artists who are looking to showcase their work. Surrounded by a prestigious series of galleries, performing arts venues and spac

Mystery Pages from Anne Frank’s Diary Revealed

New technology has allowed researchers to decode two pages of hidden text from Anne Frank’s first diary, reports the Associated Press. The entry from Frank’s first diary dated 28 September 1942 contained references to dirty jokes and sensitive sexual matters by the then growing teen. More specifically, the texts that formed a part of 13-year-old Frank’s diary entries included: five crossed-out phrases, four “dirty” jokes and 33 lines about sex education and prostitution. Frank also wrote abou

0.1% of Malaysians Does Make a Difference

Malaysian students living in Australia were among the 200,000 or so diaspora voters who made extraordinary efforts including taking flights homes to get their votes counted in the recent general election. Students used social media to find ‘runners’ who boarded flights back to Malaysia with dozens of legitimately filled out votes to get them back to the ballot boxes in time, after official delays. The vote resulted in a historic win for former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was sworn

Ball Park Music in Groovin the Moo, Bendigo

When Sam Cromack sang “Last night is sinking in…” from The Perfect Life Does Not Exist, I knew it would be my go-to song for the next few days to cope with withdrawals from Ball Park Music’s Groovin the Moo act. Ball Park Music’s set was scheduled right in the middle of a Flight Facilities set happening next door on the Triple J main stage. Given how excited everyone around me was for Flight Facilities, I did wonder if Ball Park Music would be able to draw a crowd. But halfway through Flight Fa

DIY Maccas: A Hobby Turned into a Trend

Homemade McDonald’s is a Facebook community of 22k whose members’ attempts to replicate the international chain’s food using supermarket ingredients, has gone viral, with some hilarious results. Aussie Founder Joel Cornell’ who did not expect the group’s popularity spike, said the idea behind it was simply based off McDonald’s being a staple fast food joint in his life till this day. Members post pictures of the food they have made according to a strict set of rules. Each post is required to

Film Review: Isle of Dogs

The credits roll at the end of Isle of Dogs, but the taiko drums may still be ringing in your ears. Wes Anderson’s latest film is a departure from his usual cinematic-style. Gone are the ‘light pastel colours’, ‘eccentric characters’ and ‘upbeat sequence’ which characterised recent films like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom. This latest film, a stop-motion animation, is a genuine surprise. Isle of Dogs, also known as Inugashima, starts off with bold striking introductory titles in

Cotton Candy Grapes – A Sweet Surprise

Cotton candy grapes caused a nationwide phenomenon on social media the past month as consumers became obsessed with the little pops of sugary sweetness. Originally from the United States, the new grape variety appeals amongst those with a sweet tooth or those seeking for a healthier alternative to candy. Fruit supplier Paul Giofrelle explained that people could easily distinguish cotton candy grapes from other grapes. “The taste alone is different. You can tell it straight up it’s different t